An Alternative Solution

I would have spent the money on Greece and make sure people don’t drown by using the Nato deployment but I would have let them come to Greece and spent the money there. After all, it’s spent then on a democratic country and a EU member, not an outsider. This deal was clearly favorable for Turkey with the prospect of passport-free travel from June 2016 and new discussions about EU membership. But they cannot be made a member according to EU law as long as they practice torture.

And when you see that they first wanted only 3 bn euros and when they raised the price tag to 6 bn, Merkel immediately agreed. Only politicians can do such a thing, a business man like Trump would never agree with such a bargain: and for good reasons. In my view Europe has lost face with this deal and this is first of all the doing of Merkel.

I have lost my own faith in her through this while I was truly admiring her before. But that was too much. Turkey is a country that can’t be trusted, only scan through their history, including the Armenian genocide. Turkey is and was a violent country. Just three days before the discussions, on the 4th of March, the Turkish government  confiscated ZAMAN newspaper and graveyarded democracy and free speech. That was a fist in the face of the EU!

I project that this deal brings nothing at all. EU will pay for nothing, Turkey will extent their autocracy without scruples and resentment will probably bring the whole deal to fall, as nobody wants 77 million Turcs to travel and settle everywhere in the EU.

And the EU has to pay the same amount once again to Greece for the situation will not improve. Turkey will not do everything to get the human traders down. They have shown they cannot be bent when the USA asked for border closure with Syria. Turkey simply said that it can’t be done.

This solution would also have been in accordance with international law for the ‘refoulement’ of people to a country that is not guaranteed to respect human rights violates international law and the refugee convention.


  1. I agree with you, Helmut Schmidt was one of my great political heroes and I also agree with you that many of his characteristics can be seen in Angela Merkel. but did Merkel sell out Europe or did Europe sell out Merkel?

    Initially, with thousands of desperate refugees fleeing the extremely uncivil war in Syria, the continual strife in Iraq – which used to be one country but is now basically three – and sundry other conflicts in that general area of the world, someone had to take a stand. Merkel courageously announced that Germany would take in huge numbers and in so doing she obviously hoped that other European countries would follow her lead and share the burden. The response was hardly enthusiastic to say the least! And now, to rub salt into the wound, a backlash within her own country is creating tension and a wave of bad will towards refugees in general and her policies concerning them specifically. There are, to be blunt, just too refugees to cope with..

    We worry about suicide bombers and terrorist attacks planned by ISIS but their really successful weapon has been to unleash a human wave of refugees at Europe that has overwhelmed it. Merkel, desperate for a solution, made – as you well point out – a bad deal with Turkey in exchange, perhaps, for s short-term solution that will almost certainly fail in the longer term and rewards Turkey at the expense of Greece, a country that Europe so gleefully tortured financially last year.

    But I don’t agree with you concerning the United States. Even if – and it is a very big if – Donald Trump were to win in November, it will become apparent fairly quickly that this man is far from being a text book Republican. In some ways he is almost a liberal, and certainly a centrist! Hillary can actually be more hawkish than him on some issues. No, I think it comes down to a fight between Bernie Sanders and Clinton that will end up being extremely close indeed. I am not even ruling out the possibility that Sanders could squeeze a win if, as is possible, the so called “super delegates” start to switch their allegiances should Sanders start winning big or Hilary implodes due to scandal. And even if Hillary wins, the fact that Sanders came close to beating her means that she will be drawn to the left with respect to her positions. The position of the US in the world will then, to an extent, influence policy in Europe and Asia.

    In Europe you can certainly predict gains by right wing parties, however I do not see a fascist coup of European governments. There will be a wave and then a backlash. The eternal political tides of man which, if taken at the flood, swamp us for a time until the inevitable swing of the pendulum.

    You mention the 3rd World War, but I think we are actually fighting it now…it already started. But it is, if you like, a more subtle war than the two that preceded it; subtle but perhaps more invasive, since economic globalization and the Internet affect us all – wherever we may be – almost instantly. One “spanner in the works” and the whole system reacts. And there are a lot of spanners out there. A lot

  2. Peter Fritz Walter

    March 12, 2016 at 2:28 am

    Thanks very much for your interesting comment, Nicholas.

  3. I fully agree with you my dear friend, we need to spent money on Greece not in Turkey , Greece is a priority to Europe now

    Erdogan may merely offer to take back migrants from Greece in return for billions of euros from the European Union and see visa-free travel for Turks in Europe brought forward. Not a bad day in office in Ankara, if — and that is a big if — the European Union can actually agree to give Turks visa-free travel.

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