Globalism vs. Territorialism

A very good and analytic article that shows that the United States is going backwards, hindering progress through propaganda-driven fear patterns and nonsensical polemics, driving toward a politics of parochialism and sectarian opinions.

While Germany plays the real leader role driven by Angela Merkel’s politics of realism and globalism—and not overlook: fearlessness in the face of the current refugee crisis.

And the result will be that Germany’s importance in the political world will shift upward and the United States’ importance will shift downward—and that despite all of Donald Trump’s ridiculous and theatrical show business.

See also this quite objective analysis of the ‘Trump Phenomenon’ by Al Jazeera:


  1. I fully agree , we really need holistic leaders, and as the author mention globalization equals progress, I’m sure Trump will never be elected for his view is backward my friend, his territorial view is stupid, he is really out of our age , the age of complexity,Bomb the shit out of Isis,” Trump said. what a fool reductionist politician this Trump is, he never see things globally and Systemically…we need leaders like Merkel my dear, we need alternative leaders, enough with these show makers and Pseudo-politicians…

  2. Peter Fritz Walter

    March 6, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    Thanks for your comment, Jaziri.

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