Populism in Germany

One doesn’t need to be of Einsteinian intelligence to connect the dots here. All those who still believe I was a negative thinker will think twice. The Alternative for Germany (AFD) has now gained 20% while only 5% are needed to enter the Bundestag as a political party. While these state elections are only signposts for the eventual federal elections, the three states that were involved are representative.


This means that Merkel can’t continue her politics because the SPD is going to be so weak and unimportant that the only constructive solution would be a right-wing coalition CDU-AFD.

Then, connect the dots with Jihadists in Germany according to this well-researched article from the Gateson Institute:


This is an explosive mix, a recipe for civil war, for as I have predicted it since more than 20 years, it’s right-wing fascism, also called populism as an euphemism that will get us into WW3, and no other problem. The refugee crisis is only the catalyzer and therefore I believe that Merkel cannot be blamed for this landslide into fascism. First of all it’s not a Germany-only phenomenon. See only the scary rise of antisemitism in France and the right-wing dictatorial touch all over the Balkan states including Turkey.

Then consider the fact that in the United States, too, the general tone during the election campaign becomes more and more populist and one-sided, narrow-minded and provincial, and last not least see how weapon sales are rising virtually every month, fostered by growing fears of multiple threats and declining trust between nations linked by diplomatic ties.

Everyone who in this situation sees happy times ahead or business as usual must be struck with blindness or is an eternal Peter Pan. And to end this post with a positive note, Merkel’s sense of realities can still be very useful in Germany, especially now, for she might be able to use her power to dampen the right-wing zeal of the AFD once a coalition with the CDU is reached. I wish her all the best for this goal, while I still believe that she sold Europe out to Turkey in an unprecedented way and this will have negative repercussions for her career.


  1. You are not a negative thinker but a realist, you already anticipated the rise of fascism across Europe, you are a visionary my friend, you predicted all and as you said one doesn’t need to be of Einsteinian intelligence to connect the dots but he needs your great wisdom and intelligence, your sense of realities and your special way of thinking, I fully agree with you my friend, I hope the best for Merkel now as the situation become very serious, thank you so much for all my friend

  2. Peter Fritz Walter

    March 14, 2016 at 6:10 am

    Thanks for your comment, Jaziri. Yes, I do still believe in Merkel’s pragmatism and good intentions, and I think she can be very valuable in this position in order to buffer the right-wing zeal that is now becoming the ‘tone’ in Germany again, actually a very dangerous situation. Not to forget also that Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ was being published again and became a bestseller. How can that be given that this man was really a most dangerous lunatic? This was for me a signal and I do take it seriously. I also believe there are still smart people in Germany who if they support Merkel or not will not want Germany to glide again in this abyss of populist ideas and total misinformation.

  3. Peter Fritz Walter

    March 14, 2016 at 6:13 am

    Through my law studies I have become a realist and this mixes well with my precognition. We are facing here a phenomenon across the world, while most people see it only locally. In Germany, there is a big polarization now in society but the refugee problem is only the outward trigger.

    In fact, this is a much deeper divide that you find all over the world. It’s what spiritualists call good versus evil and what can be more adequately called democracy vs. totalianism. The trend very clearly goes away from democracy and toward more state control, and even dictatorship. You see it very clearly in Turkey where the society is really at the border of civil war, so deeply it is split under the misfigured politics of Erdogan, the ‘New Sultan’ as he likes to be depicted.

    I do not think that people like Merkel can survive this deep crisis. She will have some more time but eventually a right wing candidate like Fraucke Petry may get the reigns. In France, the same will happen, perhaps not in UK. Actually I see the UK well going out of the EU and have actual gains from it.

    In this kind of atmosphere I do not believe that Bernie Sanders will make it in the USA. It’s more likely that it will be Clinton or Trump.

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