A Brilliant Political Analyst

You all know Vladimir Putin as a leader, a political figure. Some of you may also know that he started his career as a KGB agent at a very young age.

For those of you who are critical about him, please watch this documentary first:

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

But have you ever wondered about him as a political analyst? He is that, too, and very potently so. No American president nor any leader from Europe ever have talked in these detailed and strikingly honest terms about balance of powers, war or peace.

I do not hide it from you, I am a Putin fan, but not like Trump is a Putin fan. I am a Putin fan for entirely different reasons, being an international lawyer.

Did you know that Putin has studied international law? Did you know that Donald Trump’s only [but truly great] expertise is real estate? To whom would you go for your political concerns, Putin or Trump?

For me, the answer is clear, I read all of Trump’s books for becoming a better real estate investor, and would consult Putin for any prediction of war or peace in 2017.