An Explosive Constellation

There is an old Chinese military proverb that a says ’Never give your enemy a martyr!’ Martyrdom is what most floods all subconscious barriers leading people to give 100+ times more of their energy and zeal in any conflict than under ordinary circumstances.

Quasem Soleimani was a charismatic leader, not an ordinary military commander. He will now be treated with all the state pomp as a national symbol for survival and as a hero and religious martyr. This is very dangerous for the West for it will mobilize the hidden falcons in Iranian society and the military, let alone the hidden reserves in the people. Iran is a strong and healthy population and this was a blow to their pride that I really am at pains to find words for …

Trump has acted like the proverbial fool. Even his grimaces and face mimics now really resemble the Fool of the Tarot. The man is out of his mind. Power is infectious …

The Germans and Chinese have good intentions to mild down the conflict by engaging talks directly with Iran, but their efforts will have no success.

Mundane astrology predicts that from January, 11-12, 2020, a Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will dominate the scene of the planetary heavens: coincidentally the exact same constellation overshadowed the outbreak of WW 1, and it will reign for quite some time. It predicts a highly explosive situation for world peace and a perhaps doomed period for international relations.

Perhaps Trump has triggered the WW 3 with shooting down this military commander from Iran. To add as an international lawyer that this act was in violation of international law in several respects, also a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Iran now has the right to fully retaliate by military means, that means they have the right to declare war to USA.

Mundane astrology for 2020 looks quite catastrophic, so are the predictions of Nostradamus. This will not be a light year for international relations, and natural disasters are equally predicted.

My personal take on it is that Trump was succumbing to voices in the American military that since long try to get him into a new war, for various reasons. He resisted first, now he signed up and will continue this new direction without knowing what he does. It is pure madness. The world may go up in flames!

And … to quote from this article … State-ordered assassinations don’t easily square with a rules-based international system, giving Iran license in its response.