Age 4


Emerged in an emergency situation (sic!) when I was four and a half years old. My mother was sick and in bed with anemia, asking me to fry a couple of eggs. I did so and had thus achieved my first dish: fried eggs.

From the age of six I was trained in cooking and baking by my grandmother during the Easter holidays and the great school holidays in July/August every year. This was covering the preparation of game like pheasant, deer or hare, as well as steak Tatar. Then there were the salads that our tax advisor liked so much, the potato salad or the noddle salad, and sauces like gravy. In baking I learnt to prepare hazelnut cake, biscuit cake, bitter-chocolate cake, almond cake and vanilla cake. Besides, I learnt to prepare garlic butter and various side dishes.

The journey started because my mother did not like to cook and what she cooked was anyway awful. She preferred to read Agatha Christie while my grandmother and me were busy in the kitchen.

At the age of ten, my mother declared me to be the ‘grill master’ and that meant to roast the chicken and later clean-up the grill. My mother found me good in doing that kind of work which gave me a little bit of self-confidence (which was otherwise as good as absent in my psychic setup and my life in general).

At that age, I already cooked entire menus, and some were esoteric like Peking Duck with orange sauce and Chinese rice, served with Chinese Oolong tea.

The journey continued over the years and intensified once I inherited the family fortune, back in 2000, followed by my 2-year stay in the Provence, France (2002-2004) when I cooked every day and tried to learn the art of wine pairing.


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