Donald Trump vs. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a man from the small bourgeoisie in Austria, his father was a government employee. Hitler was heavily abused by his father as the Swiss psychoanalyst Dr. Alice Miller has analyzed in one of her books, and his childhood was one big trauma. Hitler was never successful in making any money, for years living as a poor artist and clochard before he got the idea to enter politics. Newer research found that Hitler was close to mental retardation with an IQ around or under 80. Hitler was a loner and never had any significant relationships, neither with men nor with women. His ‘love’ with Eva Braun was never ending in a consummated marriage as Hitler was sexually impotent.

Eva Anna Paula Hitler (née Braun; 6 February 1912–30 April 1945) was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and, for less than 40 hours, his wife.

Donald John Trump was born into a wealthy family, his father having been a very successful real estate developer in NYC. He was a constructive while strict personality and gave Donald a good education and the chance to get into real estate developing early in life, around the age of 10.

Donald proved to be a ‘real estate genius’ in the admiring words of his father and early succeeded in building a brand and an empire. He was unusally successful and turned out to be very sturdy psychologically when in 1989 his ventures turned into disaster and he was at the brink of bankruptcy. Yet he held through and convinced the banks to give him another chance which they did, trusting his hard-working mentality, his word, and also, admittedly, his brilliant showmanship.

From that time on, nothing could stop Trump to become a world-famous billionaire who set buildings, towers and golf courses in the world that have gained the appreciation of other developers, the rich elite, comments from designers of renown, and the world at large.

I have read all of Trump’s books, and more importantly, the books written by George H. Ross, Esq., his long-term lawyer and friend, who was able to put some sort of objective focus on him, while not hiding his admiration for his smart in developing real estate.

Trump was depicted by Ross as a ‘master of the deal’ and more importantly, a deal maker, not a deal breaker. What does that mean? It means first of all that when Trump makes a deal, as hard as he can be on the conditions, he will stick to it and stay behind it, and carry it through. He has gained an aura of respectability in this quality of his, not only in the flashy NYC real estate world but also around the world and regions that many other Western real estate developers know little about, such as the Middle East and Russia.

And I repeat myself when stating once again that today business principles reign politics more than any time before in human history, except perhaps the governance of ancient Rome and ancient Venice. In all our major conflicts in the world, there were no solutions for decades, think only of the Israel-Palestine conflict. And why? Because there were no politicians involved both locally and internationally who have a track-record as deal-makers and who are master negotiators as are Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump, after all the profile studies I did about him, clearly turns out to have the profile of a social-minded business person who is able to build lasting relationships both professionally and privately, and who achieves his goals by acting by and large within the rule of law. He certainly does not have the profile of a psychopath, dictator, political tyrant or mass-murderer-in-spe. He has the profile of a showman and a smart deal-maker, also of a versatile negotiator, while his day-to-day attitude can be erratic, unpredictable, and brusk, sometimes even harsh!

I have studied fascism over many years starting in the 1980s, in the framework of my studies of international relations and politics. Fascist leaders all come from the little bourgeoisie and all of them were poor when they were young. Include here Mussolini, Franco, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Pinochet, Bokassa, or any of the more recent vintage exemplars of the same stature. They were and are all bad in business, unable to negotiate because of their faulty personalities and their overly narcissistic egos, but also unable to build anything of value such a business empire. And they have poor social lives, unable to build valuable long-terms relations with people in all fields of life.

What is more, they had all bad intimacy relations and were not fully sexually potent with women, while Trump has a track record here that is flawless as a sexually healthy and active heterosexual man who has a strong attraction for the other sex, but is also actively desired by the other sex. In the words of his wife Melania:

— Many women come here to present their profile and services, and hope to get filed as service providers. What they more want from my husband I don’t know, but it’s a fact that they are lining up for it. (Quoted from memory).

By the way, sexology and neuroscience fully affirm today that men who are fully sexually engaged with women, and who attract women in turn, have a low violence potential. See the research on the roots of violence conducted by authorities such as Dr. James W. Prescott, Ashley Montagu, Bowlby, and already back in the 1930s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

This being said, I have never heard of a billionaire, sexually straight and respectfully raised by a caring father who suddenly turned into a psychopath and holocaust organizer. It’s not part of human history, because it’s not part of human psychology! And journalists who put up such comparisons only show what poor journalism they have learnt and that, besides, they have no idea of human psychology, nor of human history!

When people, especially and notoriously in America, even when they are journalists, equate Hitler and Trump, they are simply ignorant about the roots and structure of fascism, and the mental setup and personality profile of fascist rulers since time immemorial.

What I was exposing here are psychological facts, not in any way a ‘political’ opinion. Modern journalism is pretty much unbridled guesswork more than anything these days, and has little psychological understanding for the realities of leaders, good or bad.

I fully agree with your perception that the media engage in what may be called a negative obsession with Trump that has reached colossal dimensions. But as I know Trump, he will turn all of this to his favor, as he always used to say that negative publicity is better than no publicity at all. And he is not the originator of that saying of course, for it’s a truth that keeps all of the best public relation firms around the globe prospering and alive!