Age 4


At the age of 4, I got a temporary job as a child model for a nation-wide mail-order company, Versandhaus Schwab in Hanau, Germany.

They had ten little girls presenting the girl-wear in the show, but no boy. I was then the only male child which had a funny pointe as I was bowing every time in the wrong direction of the stage, and also because with my blonde curly hair, I could have been mistaken for just another girl …

The experience left me excited and content, also because of the first money I had earned in my life, but my mother decided to discontinue my engagement with modeling for reasons that only much later I could understand. (She had been obsessed with the fantasy I could be sexually molested and abused in such kind of an environment. For that same reason she sent an agent back to Vienna who had come because of my phenomenal voice, and their decision to hire me for the boy choir, the Wiener Sängerknaben.