Trump’s Asia Trip

A friend of mine just asked me if I would write my article ‘Donald Trump vs. Adolf Hitler’ still in the same way, or if I would change it now, after 9 months went into the land? I replied I would have taken it off the Internet if I thought differently now about the matter. And I pointed him first of all to this passage in the article that I believe is the most important:

Donald Trump, after all the profile studies I did about him, clearly turns out to have the profile of a social-minded business person who is able to build lasting relationships both professionally and privately, and who achieves his goals by acting by and large within the rule of law. He certainly does not have the profile of a psychopath, dictator, political tyrant or mass-murderer-in-spe. He has the profile of a showman and a smart deal-maker, also of a versatile negotiator, while his day-to-day attitude can be erratic, unpredictable, and brusk, sometimes even harsh!

Now we have of course the scandals, we have the FBI search into election meddling by the Russians, sexual harassment claims, we have his racism, which is why he does as good as nothing for Puerto Rico, we have his totally stupid and infantile behavior toward the leadership of North Korea, and so forth, wall with Mexico, travel ban, chaotic Twitter behavior, etc.

But he is still not for that matter a psychopathic mass murderer as were Hitler and Stalin, as was Mao, as was Pinochet, and so many more. And do what you will, he will also in the future to be such kind of man, for he has no psychopath profile. This is simply so, whatever the press smears around about him.

And we do not really know if he wants war with North Korea, for if you are familiar with his negotiation style, as he used it in all his business dealings, his tactics was always to get the other party down on their knees through pressure and more pressure, in order to finally negotiate from a position of strength.

Now the Asia trip will be crucial in my opinion for his entire career as a president, for his public imagine namely to go up, or to go even further down. Despite all, I believe that he will not very long endure as a president. Mueller’s Russia probe threatens very really to make an end to his political career, or he will be out as a consequence of impeachment.

He has too little support from his own people and not to forget, his foreign policy lacks predictability and consistency. Some say he has no clues at all and is just improvising in this respect. But still, Rex Tillerson is a very good man in his job, but Trump made him down in public by saying that he was ‘wasting his time’ negotiating with North Korea. Not to forget also that Trump has against him the intelligent women’s movements in America, as well as the Hispanics.

He is not politically smart, and is likely to make history as the American President with the lowest smart. Rex Tillerson called him a ‘moron’ in public. This is novelty in the entire American history, that a secretary of state called his president a ‘moron.’

And last not least: since Trump is President of the United States, he has lost 600 million USD, his fortune having gone down from an estimated 3.7 billion to only 3.1 billion because of mismanagement of his hotels and golf courses. For example in Scotland they make only losses. In addition, the population there is against the environmental impact of his golf courses. The same happened in Bali against his new hotel project there.

I think he has bad karma and this because of his almost asocial behavior toward others and his notorious narcissism. He simply has no compassion at all with people, except his nuclear family.