Why Did Trump Win?

Die dümmsten Kälber wählen ihre Schlächter selber.
—German Proverb

Preludio Satirico

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If the subject was not so serious, I would say I start with a fun note. But anyway, Deepak Chopra was deadly serious when he voiced this in two interviews back in June this year.

‘He thinks with his penis!’
—Deepak Chopra on Donald Trump


‘Incapable for being centered, intuitive, no insight, no intuition, no creativity, no vision …’
—Deepak Chopra, ibid.

First, let me comment on the commenter, for in this following interview, Chopra said basically the same but the interviewer was more critical:

The interviewer got him namely to admit that he is not balanced and not from the top of his wisdom when calling Trump ’emotionally retarded like a 3-year old.’ He also got him to admit that he is enraged. So? The great wisdom teacher from California is enraged about a simple politician?

So, the great Chopra threw a mini-tantrum but justifying it aptly with:
—Trump represents our shadow, he gets all of us into the worst person we can possibly be …

Wait a moment, a meditation teacher and head of the new age movement in America is getting enraged over a a billionaire who plays politician? If he had said, ‘concerned’ I would certainly agree, but enraged? I had my doubts since long about Chopra’s integrity but after this blunder, I know this guy is not your new age demi-god.

Adagio Reflectivo

I read all of Trump’s books. While possibly not written by himself, but certainly inspired by facts that are true and also inspired by his personality and the stories others in the NYC and American real estate world have reported.

A great influence in his life had his father, preceding his son as a very successful real estate investor and George Ross, Esq. who was and is much more than just his lawyer, himself also a big player in NYC real estate.


After a heavy loss with real estate in Thailand, 2011 to 2013, I ordered all of Trump’s and Ross’s books and for the first time knew and got practical advice how to buy, manage, sell and promote real estate.

What had I done in Thailand? I bought two pool villas in best locations via the Internet, and while I had been looking at them, this was just a formality for previous to coming to Thailand, I had sent the money already to my agent. And this agent was dishonest. Without knowing I bought one house without furniture, and the other had a major plumbing problem. I needed more than two years to sell the houses again and lost the equivalent of one, like I got two and got only back.

The first thing I learnt from Trump was that he when considering and evaluating one property, he also considers and analyzes 99 others, and only after this intense scrutiny he decides to buy. And of course, he buys the one that fares best in the analysis. This is only one of many points that Trump considers, not even to talk about his brilliant way to deal with NYC zoning laws which allowed him to build Trump Tower, a project at at the start looked absolutely doomed.

Now let me take up Chopra’s comments again:

‘Incapable for being centered, intuitive, no insight, no intuition, no creativity, no vision …’
—Deepak Chopra, ibid.

Not true. In all matters real restate, Trump has over many years proven to be extremely creative, especially with NYC zoning laws and how to get around them, insightful, visionary, and focused always to reach his goals and get to the point to break through seemingly impossible and impossibly complex situations.

He also is extremely tough but fair with architects and contractors and learnt a great deal already as a youngster from his father in this respect. He is overall very respected in the business world as a great visionary real estate developer, a man who is certainly tough but ultimately respects his partners in a deal.

Most of these books I have read twice, just to tell you I am as deadly serious about the good sides of Trump as Chopra is about his bad traits. But I think that Chopra most of all has disqualified himself by these interviews as the great ‘spiritual’ leader of the new age movement, showing in all detail how vindictive, explicitly negative and partisan he is to unbalanced views.

Allegro Impetuoso

The next reason is deadly simple. Hillary Clinton was not strong enough to prove that the American political system is okay. Most voters go for the ‘unknown’ just as people go for the unknown when searching for new sexual options. In other words, this was a novelty election, for that was what voters were looking for. That means this time American voters were serious about seeking novelty, new solutions, unusual and daring ideas, and simply a whole new political milieu altogether.

Clinton was not able to distance herself enough from the ‘Clinton Clan’ and if you don’t know what it’s about, please watch infowars.com as I did over the last weeks.

It is that many Americans are fedup generally with the US Administration and that may be why many voters voted for Trump as the ‘unknown’ factor, to bring about a change, even for the worse, but a change anyway. See what Arnold Schwarzenegger said about this, which I find a very balanced assessment:

It was also said by Ron Paul in an interview with Alex Jones that you can find on inforwars.com, while I do not agree with Ron Paul when he said it wouldn’t matter who would win because matters will remain ‘anyway pretty much the same.’ I don’t think so, not at all!

Next, Alex Jones has started an investigation what the Clinton Foundation did in Haiti and it’s deadly serious. This report was just started to unfold and is not finalized yet but the announcement of their outrageous deeds has simmered through already.

Alex Jones was from the start clearly for Trump but interestingly enough did not believe himself that he would win. He thought the press was manipulated, election process tampered with, and other things but his passion was for Trump to win. Why?

Look at another total dissenter from public opinion and the mainstream media: Julian Assange.

Assange left no doubt that he considers Clinton the worst choice if ever there is any choice which in this case was limited to just two options it seems: Clinton or Trump. Of course, Assange never said he was pro Trump, but he clearly said that he was anti-Clinton. That was enough in my opinion to give a decisive impetus to undecided voters from the underground that may not have been subject to all the pro-Clinton polls.

Intermezzo Universale

Third, the one who will be happy with this result is Vladimir Putin, less happy will be Angela Merkel, but Trump was wise enough to turn down his bad temper timely before becoming president, changing his rhetoric from negative to positive about Merkel. This showed me about a week ago that he was serious to being elected, not just hopeful.



Andante Spirituale

Now, let us have finally a spiritual look on the matter.

I am a member of the Theosophical Society Adyar, in Germany, since 1997, and have until back in the 1980s read and analyzed the writings of Helena P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Charles Webster Leadbeater, George Gurdjieff, and J. Krishnamurti.

I have studied Angelology since 1985, when I woke up unharmed from a suicide attempt, and was meeting with a major angel researcher in Cyprus, Stylianos Atteshlis, more popular under his short name Daskalos, back in 1995.

Unfortunately I had been two days late as he had just passed away at the time of my arrival, and I was meeting with his wife, Panayiota who gave me a very enlightening book about the work of angels published in Germany and entitled ‘Das Symbol des Lebens.’

The Karma of America is one of the worst since Roman times. It may be a replication actually of the pattern that was set in morphic resonance ever since. See Rupert Sheldrake, A New Science of Life, 2009:



I was really amazed to learn how angels regulate the atmosphere through introducing ‘purging’ events such as thunderstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes.

The same applies for our political reality and all the devastations that karma brings to war and destruction.

No, to get to my point, I believe that the angelic world has facilitated this absolutely crazy election result for a very simple and rational reason. It was for saving time to get to the point. The point is the absolute reversal of values that I predict in all my books and that inter alia Fritjof Capra has brilliantly presented in his own books.

So we are talking about an acceleration of the timing, a boosting of quantum reality. What does this mean in practice?

Prestissimo Infernale

The Trump reality will bring such an incoherence to systems all over the world that this will lead to an increase of incoherence and a decrease of coherence in all systems. This, in turn, will lead to conflict on all forums of international dialogue and in what I may call ‘stuckness’ or ‘stagnation.’ See more about coherence, what does it mean and how it is related to leadership?

See From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance, by Doc Childre & Bruce Cryer, Boulder Creek, CA: Planetary Publishing, 2004.


(Book Review)

The market reaction, internationally, shows clearly that the psychological effects of this election are negative.

Lao Tzu’s teaching is very clear about the evolution of humanity, as is the I Ching. It is clearly not a linear process but a nonlinear process as all life progresses in a nonlinear fashion.

Please see my books:





Finally, have a look at this:






The candidacy of Donald Trump has prompted a vigorous public debate over whether or not Trump is flirting with fascism. Some analysts suggest his political dance partner is leading him to the tune of right-wing populism. Other analysts say Trump’s marriage to fascism already has been consummated. Either way, Trump is stomping on the dance floor of democracy in a way that could collapse it into splinters. It’s a “scary moment for those of us who seek to defend civil rights, civil liberties, and democracy itself,” warns political analyst Noam Chomsky.