Italy Referendum

Have foreseen it of course, more than 30 years ago. All is going to a landslide fascism movement in Europe, social division, and civil war. You bet, I knew it coming since so long.

In France, the Far Right will be in power, in Italy now as well, in Austria and Hungary already, soon in Holland, but Merkel in Germany will resist and remain a balancing force. I would say the destiny of Europe is on Merkel’s shoulders which is no easy task and will immortalize her. She will really be the sentinel of European Values for the next years to come—I mean, until every little stupid frog will be a Fascist in the name of God and The Nation!

The right-wing forces get all their support now from the Election of Donald Trump while I would not even think that the real estate magnate has intended this landslide for Fascism. His character is not at all compatible with the character of Adolf Hitler. We have here two very different personality profiles.