Weimar, Hitler, and 2016

A factually accurate report that I welcome, for I have studied not only law and international relations, but also took a special course about the Resistance Movements Against Hitler during WW2.

I have never met one single person, except the teacher of that course,  who could explain the phenomenon Hitler to me, including my own family. So I researched for many years until I found tidbits of truth that I voiced here and there, always meeting fierce resistance, especially from Germans.

Either people are fascinated by his rhetoric or they block off completely saying it was a ‘German’ problem (which it was not at all), or they blame the Weimar Republic—which is not entirely wrong but also not entirely right. Of course, Hitler profited of the political mistakes that this socialist regime committed, but that cannot explain all of his evil success in Europe and the World at large.

Let me get to the point quickly for I do not intend to waste your precious time. What you need to understand now is that you got a coalition in place, Turkey and Russia, whose goals are unworthy enough to be listed as destroying democracy as we know it. It is sold to you right now as a trade alliance but that is just the beginning. It will be a full blown political and military alliance that will oppose Nato—yes, despite the fact that Turkey is a member of Nato. But see only what will happen over the next months. I predict that by the end of this year, Turkey has got a clear distance to Nato and Nato has got a clear distance to Turkey.

Already by the news today, Nato, under American command, is shifting nukes from shelters in Turkey to Romania, and this is only a tiny detail of what could be called the ‘new strategy.’ Trust has been rendered very thin by Turkey’s absolutist claims and the purge of the country after the coup.

The mix we get in the media is honestly confusing. What is clear is that Turkey is in a state of ongoing chaos where separatist movements plan and execute deadly attacks on police and military forces, while most of the time unfortunately civilians are the victims.

Here are my predictions:

  1. The Turkey-Russia Alliance will be a fortress against the West, based on a coalition of extremism, also religious extremism (Islam and Orthodoxy) against the liberal-minded Roman Catholic Church that is the base layer of Western democracy.
  2. The Turkey-Russia Alliance will be fueled by extremist Islamic movements and there will be a pseudo-war against ISIS for in truth, both Turkey and Russia are going to use these extremist forces for their profit (not officially so, of course).
  3. The Turkey-Russia Alliance will fuel resentment against the West, Western values, and Western culture, increasingly so, including democratic values, and both countries will show on a daily level how they envisage humanity to be guided by propaganda—just as Hitler did.
  4. Extremist and populist movements in Europe will be fascinated by these strong ideological statements and try to implement their strategies in their anti-EU political statements. We will face a lot of support for totally irrational and totally separatist movements in Europe, from 2017, and and even now emerging.
  5. WW3 will start in 2017 with either an invasion of Ukraine or Crimea by Russia, else a false flag operation, and a totally debilitating response of the United States, a country that all over recent history has shown to not understand the dynamics in Europe, nor in the Middle East.

Psychological Warfare

For political observers, it is obvious that what is underlying, not what is apparent, is what moves states into certain actions, and avoid certain other actions. In other words, when you see the world only under the political lupe, you see it wrongly.

States, as human beings, are motivated by hidden agendas, by underlying motives, and by psychological reasons.

The obvious is in stark conflict with the rational mind when we see Putin and Erdogan heading into an unprecedented, while still premature, brotherhood. And while the political spectrum seems to be in conflict with this ‘defense solution,’ this is only so on the surface of things.

Turkey belongs to Nato and thus would have to be considered as an ‘enemy’ by Russia. The incident of downing a Russian warplane by the Turkish air force in 2015 gave another apparent reason that this had to be so. But it was not so. This ‘conflict’ was simply the confrontation of two thick-headed statesmen but it had no implications for the long term relationship between the two countries.

So what? Why are the two military giants approaching each other again in a most friendly manner and coordinate their military strategies?

The reasons are not political, or only randomly political, for they are mainly psychological. Both countries have hidden ethnic cleasing agendas the West rightly opposes to, both countries have modern militaries and are basically aggressive-minded in their international policies, both countries favor a strong-man leadership backed by ruthless police surveillance and a more or less total crackdown on free media. Thus both nations foster dictatorial regimes that are set to eat up more and more segments of their populations by large-scale state propaganda.

Thus, both nations are basically anti-democratic in their base setup and this will get worse over time, as a matter of internal dynamics in every dictatorial and freedom-hostile regime. But this is precisely what unites them in a front now, which could be called a ‘red front’ — and attentive readers may well remember the clear predictions by Nostradamus who said the great and final Armageddon—also called WW3— would start with an alliance between Turkey and Russia, based upon orthodox religions and against Roman Catholicism as practiced by the freedom-loving West.

It would be naive to believe that this amalgam of power, ruthless state doctrine, anti-democracy and fascism would not attract extremist forces and mercenaries on their side. That means that these regimes will be increasingly sympathetic to extremist forces in the Middle East, in Russia, and in Turkey, and wherever else in the world. This is simply so, as a matter of natural law, as like attracts like.

In other words and to summarize, we are presently in a phase of psychological warfare where the pacts or blocks are forming and evolving that later will represent the opponents in real war. Besides, military and political history clearly shows that during phases of fascist supremacy and the oppression of free press, together with endless ‘crackdowns’ on opponents (or imagined opponents), nations split up and become politically polarized, which means that strong and sometimes deadly opposition forces are set into place and fueled by hatred and contradiction, and ultimately, by feelings of humiliation!

The result of that process is civil war, and this is the reason why wars all through human history seldom are clean ring fights, for civil wars are often cross-border and make for chaotic—and often temporary—alliances that further disrupt the already freakish trust-building between superpowers.

China, which is a country that still today has not implemented the rule of law and that persecutes freedom-affirming local and foreign journalists, is likely to be on the line of this psychological setup that can be summarized as the putting on stage of new state oligarchies that coordinate their efforts on a less than official level in order to gain worldpower, even if this power then has to be shared among three parties.

But where is the United States in this picture, where is Europe, where is Japan? These are the burning questions that I leave to your own psychological and political IQ to answer. When you know you have asked the right questions, you know you will get the right answers.

Let me only mention one tiny detail in a very complex picture. Now Europe is not only dependent on Russian gas, it is also dependent on Turkish gas. See that on a timeline into the future, and where this dependency possibly can lead to.

Or take the recent selling out of Europe by Angela Merkel’s 6 billion dollar deal with Turkey that was equally, again psychologically speaking, a humiliation for freedom-loving Europe as Amnesty International and many international lawyers have condemned this pact as anti-human rights. That it won’t work out anyway, nobody really cares, the refugees are in the same mess as before, the deal will go overboard, and with it, many newly arriving refugees, as the numbers are rising against all predictions to the contrary. And Angela Merkel has less chances to be re-elected, thereby creating a political gap that will be filled with a center-right coalition, probably headed by Frauke Petry, the head of the new right-wing populist party ‘Alternative for Germany.’

There is real danger that this ‘alternative’ will be the last one for Germany for in state controlled regimes there are notoriously no alternatives and in populist psychology there is always only ‘one solution.’ And because life is infinitely complex, this kind of political psychology must lead to anti-life ideologies and lots of violence and chaos.

A Strong Alliance

This is the beginning of WW3 as I predicted it already last year. And it’s in total alignment with the predictions of Nostradamus.

The Turkey-Russia alliance will be iron-strong and when China backs it up, America is toasted!



In this article from The Japan News, it is said very clearly:

The easing of tensions between the two nations can be a positive move conducive to preventing the regional situation from becoming complicated. What is worrying is that the rapid formation of a closer relationship between the two countries noticeably points to their ulterior motive of restraining the United States and European nations.

Behold, this is not popular knowledge, as most people still believe that Turkey is backed by the US. Superseded! The US top level has given clear signals that it no longer backs ‘islamistic’ Turkey, a country that runs at high speed against democracy, by practicing torture large-scale and now at the brink of re-instituting the death penalty.

The claims of Turkey they were not intending to build a new ‘axis’ through their alliance with Russia are just eye-wiping. It is typical for states to deny what they most intend to do, especially in the beginning stages of a new pact.

That also has drastic consequences in Europe, in the sense that Turkey has disqualified itself to become EU member. The door is closed now because EU law is punitive toward these two factors—torture and death penalty—because they are anti-human rights.

I said earlier in this blog that Angela Merkel has sold out Europe by making the contract with Turkey regarding refugee reflow. I predicted that it won’t work out, and it doesn’t—apart from that, it’s against human rights regulations according to Amnesty International.

Relationships between Turkey and Germany have deteriorated ever since and are right now at a breaking point. Turkey’s top team has repeatedly slammed Germany and Angela Merkel over the last weeks. Fact is that the EU will not grant Turkey the Schengen access (free visa travel), and the numbers of Turkish refugees to Germany have doubled just recently. Germany will thus remain the one single nation on earth that gives a refuge to the Kurds, and this role will be increasingly important.

Erdogan will be backed by Putin in his ethnic cleansing strategies—which is the same what Putin does with the Tchechen—and his cementing his family clan into a strong leadership that will be dictatorial in every respect.

Turkey has a very strong and well-trained military—so has Russia! Even if China doesn’t back or join, the alliance between Turkey and Russia as a ‘defense strategy’ is a red flag that cannot be ignored!