The Creative Self

A Definition

Our Creative Self is our essential motor of self-expression, thereby being at the service of our spiritual identity. This Self is not the Ego, as it is not conditioned nor self-serving. While the term ‘Self’ suggests that activities inspired by it are related to ourselves only, in truth the Creative Self is essentially transpersonal. Its creative expression serves humanity as a whole as its motivational trigger is service, not self-aggrandizement.

My understanding of the Creative Self is based on the Multidimensional Personality Structure that is an essential characteristic of creative genius.

Creative Genius (Kindle Edition)

That means in practical terms that the Creative Self fosters multi-vectorial expression in the form of several talents representing each a part-self which is however not separate but integrated in a whole, that is, functionally aligned with the whole of the personality. Thus, in terms used by systems theory, we are here not dealing with parts at all, but with relationships of wholes to a higher order: the individual consciousness!

In my own case, this multi-vectorial orientation in my self-expression is facilitated through the following talents, displayed here in the order of their emergence in my path of life:

  1. Cooking (Age 4)
  2. Modeling (Age 4)
  3. Photography (Age 12)
  4. Piano Studies (Age 10)
  5. Filmmaking (Age 16)
  6. Writing (Age 30)
  7. Art (Age 30)
  8. Languages (Age 30)
  9. Legal Analysis (Doctor of Law) (Age 32)
  10. Astrology, Numerology, I Ching, Runes (Age 30)
  11. Book Design and Self-Publishing (Age 55)
  12. Professional Narration and Audiobook Production (Age 60)

The term child prodigy is used for children who are proficient in one single discipline, usually the mastery of a musical instrument. But in my own case, I was a child prodigy with a multi-vectorial spread of interests, and this was so also because my interest for learning the piano was not supported.

There are certain key years when emergence occurred, and they were as follows, given that my year of birth was 1955:

—1959 (Age 4)

—1965 (Age 10)

—1967 (Age 12)

—1971 (Age 16)

—1973 (Age 18)

—1985 (Age 30)

—1987 (Age 32)

—2010 (Age 55)

—2015 (Age 60)

—2020 (Age 65)