The Perilous Journey

As Angela Merkel was in Turkey to find together a Resolution for the United Nations on the Refugee Crisis, another refugee boat capsized and 35 people drowned. It was the trigger of an idea that I find great. Angel Merkel proposed to directly take refugees from crisis-ridden regions in the Middle East such as Syria, so that they do not need to get into the hands of shady individuals and smugglers who take them on boats that are not safe.

If we feel responsible at all in this crisis, we cannot tolerate that more and more people die. Already a quarter of a million died in the Syria war and there are 3.4 million refugees now and millions more displayed and moving within Syria.

Whatever right-wing political forces say and do, we cannot put our hands in the lap in such an urgent situation and refuse to bring relief to all these people on the way to finding a better life and a safe place to live. It is high time that politics overcomes politics for this to happen.

The most ridiculous façade in all of this is shown by what’s going on the United States. They do virtually nothing to accept refugees, it’s simply scandalous, if it was not all totally ridiculous, showing that Americans give a shit about people who are suffering and in need for humanitarian aid. Big blah blah in the media about ‘we need a new Marshal plan’ but this is simply Utopia for the US will simply not do that, while they have accumulated the createst responsibility for this crisis with their absolutely idiotic Middle East policy.