The Role of Germany

I have had rather shaky and unreflected opinions about the refugee crisis in Europe. While the United States, who are somehow the co-creators of this crisis, indulge in an absolutely nonsensical political debate, Europe has to carry all the weight of this crisis.

I have not seen the role of Germany, while being German myself, and thought Angela Merke’s politics of ‘open door’ was a big error. In fact, she is reproached to not have cooperated with other European nations for finding a common policy for bringing relief to great human suffering.

But just a few days ago, I changed my mind dramatically. It is now clear that if she had tried to do this conciliation, it would have failed from the start for almost all the other members of the EU have either a completely non-humanitarian approach (Austria, Hungary), or they want very little quota, as we see it now with Turkey.

I believe now that Germany should stay to a big ‘yes’ to receiving refugees and that Angela Merkel should steer a clear course of ‘humanitarian aid first’ before making compromises with the political right that will anyway never stand behind her.