The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2020

There are many articles regarding the Saturn-Pluto alignment as it started again (after 1982) now on January 12, 2020. But they regard personal astrology, not mundane astrology. (They focus on individuals, not the world at large, on personal fate, not political constellations).

In my previous post I have mentioned this important astrological alignment with a clear focus on the US-Iran conflict. I have pointed out that previously this rather abrasive planetary alignment was present and overshadowed the outbreak of both WW1 and WW2 and the Cold War, according to the analysis by Richard Tarnas, the author of ‘Cosmos and Psyche.’

And I am adding this post in order to clarify an important point. While Tarnas’ analysis is shared by other astrologer-historians, war is not the only way that this alighment possibly manifests. I think it is very important to see this, for otherwise one may misinterpret the current crisis as one that will lead to a war between the two countries. In my view, this is unlikely to happen for several reasons that I will not point out here, focusing instead on a pure analysis of how the energies of Saturn and Pluto melt and what can be expected as an outcome.

For this to see, we need to put our focus on the patterns that are characteristic for the energies of both planets. What are those patterns?

For Saturn, it is all that is and develops into a crystalline structure, a fixated something, a static condition, a configuration of events, facts and also of matter, a condensation of some kind, a structured order, an established something. When seen under the focus of mundane astrology, that means Saturn represents the established world order, or the established order of a specific country, or countries.

For Pluto, this means quite the opposite pattern, namely change, disruption of fixated conditions, breakdown of established structures, reformation, revolution, upheaval, streaks of chaos, breakup of traditional habits and ways of doing, and generally, profound and visible change!

When there is rapprochement of the two planets, especially when the Conjunction reaches 2º of orb or less, the disruptive effects of Pluto will have a direct and not-to-overlook impact upon the structures created by Saturn. That means on the level of mundane astrology that those countries affected by the alignment of the planets will go through profound changes that may be triggered by violent uprisings, reform movements, or revolutionary cells that suddenly operate in the open and bring about or accompany social upheaval and a call for reformation and lasting change.

These events will not be on a minor scale as history has shown. The energy pressure exerted by Pluto when it is closely aligned are known by all astrologers as being explosive, unpredictable and sweeping; they have lasting consequences, but those can be positive as well down the road. The final ‘intention’ of the plutonic energies is to bring about new order, to create new structures that better fit the world than the old ones.

Now, apply these insights to the Iran crisis and you will easily see that the events fall pretty much in line for political and social changes to come for Iran. The street riots are just a tiny beginning of a wake-up process that perhaps most of the young generation now is involved in Iran, with a clear tendency to shun the theocracy and their stiff, monolithic regime that is inflexible to the utmost, and stuck in the past. The downing of a passenger plane taken for a military missile shows more than anything the pitiful incompetence of Iranian military leaders and perhaps the general level of incompetence of the present government in Iran.

In my view, the plutonic energies will largely contribute to bring sweeping changes to this misdirected and unfit regime and things and events are going to pile up and accumulate that show that the old political pattern and configuration is going to break up and make leeway for new structures.

In this process, not only factors internal to Iran may take effect, but also those involved in the conflictual relations with the United States, for example. Here, the planetary alignment of Pluto with Saturn may as well make for a disruptive influence of American influence upon the political status quo of Iran in that ‘regime change’ while overly denied by the USA as a political strategy regarding Iran, will implicitly motivate and internally justify American pressure on Iran.

But of course, these planetary energies also affect the other players, the United States first of all, but also European powers such as Germany and France that are involved in the crisis in one or the other way. Germany and France now recently strongly emphasized the need for Iran to respect the 2015 Nuclear Deal, which is unlikely to happen, thus their expectations for compliance of Iran are probably way too unrealistic. On the other hand, given Pluto’s often unpredictable and unconventional disruptions and calls for change may favor the idea of a new deal negotiated by Trump, while this option seems to be even more unrealistic to political observers, and also to me. Iran is not going to play fair game now, and why should they after an act of political assassination has taken place against one of their citizens that is a clear violation of international law?

Last not least, the plea of Iran in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, which is a justified legal procedure in order to have the assassination condemned by the Highest Court as a flagrant violation of international law will exert an important signal function. Only a signal function, however, as the USA has not recognized compulsive jurisdiction by the ICJ and thus would not be bound or directly affected by a judgment on the matter. This does not mean that the USA will not be affected indirectly, however!

The signal function if a condemnation occurs, will be strong and visible for everyone, and it will contribute, one more time, to the accumulation of evidence that America’s claim to be the moral beacon of the world will once more be revealed as a narcissistic projection and one of the most striking symtoms of the negative American dream that undermines the credibility of the nation as by and large law-abiding and morally motivated. The repercussions may be subtle or they may be striking, but down the road the negative karma that the United States has accumulated through its arrogant and aggressive foreign policy is a sure fact and will kick in once the cycle ends and the great nation gets on a downward cycle which may well coincide with a possible impeachment of Trump, and also another possible economic depression looming around corner.

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